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we will create and send you the layout to preview as soon as possible. The trans...


Black or white satin material available. We screen print your design in up to 4 ...


Our offset division comprises of modern machineries and highly skilled workforce...


There are so many versions of plastic bags out there, however, by familiarizing ...


We can even help with that. Choose from several different elements to make your ...


There are many kinds of drawstring we create based on your custom products requi...


Our adhesive tapes are widely used for industrial purposes. These adhesive tapes...


Our company holds vast experience in this domain and is involved in offering Gar...

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About Us

Founded in 2006 SN Label product Ltd is a manufacturing based company specializing in fashioning labels and accessories for the garment industry. The company houses state of the art machinery in a 45000-sqft-production area with a workforce of 150 employees capable of producing high quality products to be able to meet the needs and wants of our valuable customers.

Welcome to Industry Press

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Our mission


To be able to provide an array of Accessories for the garment industry ranging from Woven Labels to leather goods poly items and offset printed items, using the latest state of the art technology and with the help of qualified and adept team.

Our vision


Our Goal is to become one of the leading garment accessories manufacturing company in Bangladesh, and provide our customers with the finest quality products at a very reasonable price while working closely to understand the needs and wants of our clients to be able to provide the utmost service.

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